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Lobster Landing

152 Commerce St,Clinton,Connecticut,06413

(860) 669-2005

Set right on the water is a small little joint that appropriately looks the part of a quintessential New England lobster shack.
They serve only five things - Hummel all beef hot dogs (locally made, in New Haven), Sweet Italian sausage, lobster rolls, chowder and a salad. No need for anything more.You sit on picnic tables, as it should be. There is no indoors, though there is some covering for a bit of shade, or in case of rain. While I wanted to try everything, as usual, I stuck to the lobster roll. After all, we were following this later lunch with an early New Haven pizza dinner, in an hour and a half. But, I can certainly vouch for the lobster roll. Served in a soft split-top sub roll, it was filled with warm lobster meat, and melted butter. Although I do love the shaved side hot dog bun, this bread served it’s purpose admirably. And, I always prefer warm lobster and melted butter to cold meat & mayonnaise. Of course, there are many cold lobster rolls that are also sensational

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